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Digital Strategy

At fjorge, we take an integrated approach to Digital Strategy. We not only want to bring more visibility to your website, we want to ensure that it is the right type of visitors, and that they are converting once they get to the site. Having a Digital Strategy is how you move your site beyond a “poster on the internet.”

Our integrated approach has Analytics at it’s core – without knowing how users are engaging with the site, it is impossible to know how effective the site actually is. After we have turned the data into goals, strategies, segments, and tactics, we will create a campaign plan to accomplish your marketing goals within your timeframe and budget.


Our campaigns can take a number of shapes, depending on your needs. We will be using a mix of channels to deliver your message to your customers, regardless of where they are in their buying journey, or where they are on the internet.

  • Inbound Marketing Campaigns – our most comprehensive campaigns, Inbound Marketing extends your sales process to the internet, delivering the right message and content to the right person, at the right time. These campaigns utilize an omni-channel approach, picking the best platform for each component of the campaign
  • Paid Search Campaigns – Need help managing AdWords Campaigns? Want to start running Bing Ads? fjorge is here to help.
  • Search Engine Optimization Campaigns – SEO requires the ongoing creation of quality content to have a real effect for your site. Our SEO campaigns help you define and create the content, be it in the form of blogs, articles, or case studies.
  • Custom Campaigns – You have a marketing problem. Let our experienced team provide the solutions, leveraging all that Digital Strategy and Inbound Marketing have to offer.

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How Can We Help?

We offer 3 main ways to engage with us (need something else? Let us know!):

Digital Strategy Kickoff:

This engagement is designed to be run in parallel with our construction of a website. It takes our standard best-practice approach during the build phase, and amplifies it into a full engagement. This includes research into the market, keywords, competitors, and the development of the SEO and SEM strategies for the site, as well as doing the initial advanced analytics implementation, designed to track the entire conversion flow, as well as any other visitor engagement.

Project/Campaign Assistance

Have a specific need? Want a hand running a discrete, one-off, or experimental campaign? Trying to test a theory? Get in touch, and we can either lend a hand, or take it over for you.

Ongoing Engagement:

This is our most standard engagement. We work with you on an ongoing basis, becoming partners with you in your endeavors. These holistic engagements are focused on the long-term growth of the website through the use of Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, an advanced Analytics approach, and the usage of any additional marketing channels.

How Does It Work?

First and foremost, fjorge takes a collaborative approach to our engagements. We work with your team to discover the company’s goals and objectives relating to the website. We also make sure that the metrics and Key Performance Indicators we focus on align with the larger metrics important to the company. Once we have the goals identified, we conduct an audit of the site to identify the current state of the content, inbound links, and overall content structure. While fixing any identified issues, we develop the structure of the strategy, as well as any needed Paid Search campaigns. Once this foundation is in place, we move into our iterative phase, where we tackle smaller projects, focused on improving every step of the inbound conversion flow. We identify any area for improvement, develop alternatives, and test their effect on the conversion rate. We also will develop smaller, one-off campaigns around ebooks, conferences, or product launches. All of this will be discussed weekly, with monthly formal reports.

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