I’m Speaking at IndieConf

November 13, 2011

Earlier this year I was selected to speak at IndieConf in North Carolina in a talk titled “Building a Business — Growing Beyond Indie Work.”  I’m excited for the opportunity and have put a lot of time into my talk.  An audio speaker spotlight was just released where conference organizer Michael Kimsal and I go into detail about what this talk is about, who the target audience is, and why anyone should attend.

What is this talk about?

I’m going to be speaking on what it means to grow a business and share some relevant experience around the people, marketing, strategy and finance aspects of a service related business.  Topics include stories from my own business as well as stories from associates and friends.  Stories are designed to get attendees over the hump of hiring your first employee, but to do it comfortably and successfully.

Who is the target Audience?

The target audience is anyone who currently has or intends to have a successful indie career.  It will get into the finer details of how things in an audience member’s life will change on a day to day basis as well as bigger picture changes after hiring one or more details.  It will give some tactics on how to keep risk low while building your business, how to position yourself for success and press forward without feeling like you are jumping off a cliff.

Why should anyone attend?

You should attend this talk because it will shed valuable insight into how things will change for better and for worse.  There are many things I wish I’d considered before I hired a full time employee, and this is my opportunity to share lessons learned and h0pefully accelerate others in the process.


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