Agency Partner Case Study: DKY

Tom Hart
January 8, 2020

At fjorge we are fortunate to partner with dozens of digital agencies. From agencies just around the corner in our hometown of Minneapolis to agencies in Chicago, New York and beyond. And with those partnerships comes a wealth of varied experiences because agency work is both uniquely challenging and rewarding.

One partner that has been collaborating with fjorge for many years is DKY, and a key relationship there has been with Donnie Potter. Donnie now serves as the Director of Interactive/UX which means he is frequently in contact with fjorge from pre-sale through launch on a range of projects. He was nice enough to set aside some time recently to share his perspective on working with fjorge.

So, you don’t have to just take our word for it when we say, “we get agencies.” Check out what Donnie has to say about DKY partnering with fjorge throughout the years:


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