Adding a dynamic robots.txt to Kohana 3

September 16, 2011

Adding a function that dynamically generates a robots.txt  to Kohana 3 is actually very easy.

First we need to add a route to bootstrap.php that will route the url to the function.

Route::set('robots', 'robots.txt')
  'controller' => 'home',
  'action'     => 'robots',

Now we create the action “action_robots” in the home controller and output the exclusions we are looking for.

public function action_robots()
		header('Content-type: text/plain');
		echo "User-agent: *\r\n";
		echo "disallow: /";

The content-type here is very important, as search engines will not read it as a php file.

NOTE: This will not work if your application if the index_file configuration in bootstrap.php is set to TRUE. This is because if it is set to TRUE then the url would turn out to be /index.php/robots.txt which is obviously not where the search engines will be looking for the restrictions.


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