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If you or your client has a complicated technology problem, we can help find the right digital solution. The team at fjorge has experience selecting technology to support business operations. Through Solutions Architecture, we can guide you or your client to a clear project goal.

How do you know if you need Solutions Architecture?

  • Do you have an ecommerce site and ERP system that don’t talk to each other?
  • Does your intranet and custom CRM solution have incompatible workflows?
  • Do you have a great idea for a new mobile app, but aren’t sure how to make it a reality?

Solutions Architecture for new builds follows a straightforward process. First, we take the time to understand the business problem at hand. Next, we research and evaluate available solutions. Finally, we create a plan of action for developing your product.

Through solutions architecture, we can identify and build integration solutions to help your existing systems share data. After all, your business is unique. Your technical solutions should be, too!

What is Solutions Architecture?

At fjorge, Solutions Architecture is typically led by one of our Solutions Architects. Solutions Architects are similar to architects in the construction field. Along similar lines, developers are like construction workers and project managers are like foreman.

Take, for example, a home construction project. A future homeowner knows they need a house with bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen and laundry facilities, but an architect helps determine how many bedrooms and bathrooms, how many stories, what type of foundation will be needed, the number and width of doors and windows, etc. By identifying options in advance and having those conversations during the planning stage, an architect helps prevent last-minute decision-making or surprises during building.

In the digital field, a Solutions Architect does the same by taking a high level digital need and identifying the functional details. The result is a comprehensive plan that developers and project managers can follow.

In the same respect that a building won’t stand without sound architecture, a complex digital project needs a Solutions Architect.

During Solutions Architecture, project stakeholders will engage in a variety of activities designed to clarify vision and establish a solid development plan, for example:

  • TECHNICAL BUSINESS CONSULTING: Identifying the overarching business pain points that can be solved through technology, then researching best practices. We can help you identify what is possible.
  • USER EXPERIENCE ROADMAPPING: The functional requirements and what development work is needed to achieve the desired experiences. We can help you identify what is preferred

Have a big idea or a complex issue? Contact us to tell us more about it. By working together, your team and ours can establish a solid plan for your project.

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