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Access to our team of developers on a monthly retainer, with hosting included.

The real value of our CMS Managed Services plans is that your marketing team doesn’t need to wait for internal IT to get something done. Need a new landing page for an upcoming promotion? Want to add a lead capture form? Interested in an admin dashboard training refresh? These types of projects can be completed as part of your monthly services.

A website is the marketing hub for most companies, which is why a down website can be detrimental to the bottom line. Technology is ever changing. If your website or application isn’t changing too, it loses functionality and becomes vulnerable to security risks.

You put a ton of strategy and effort into making your website exactly what you wanted. Fortunately, you don’t need a new website to keep up with changing technology. A well thought through service plan will keep your existing site relevant for years to come.

Whether your website was developed by fjorge or someone else, we can keep it going. Below are the services you’ll find in our CMS Managed Services plans.

We offer both CMS and Application Managed Service plans to fit almost any budget.

  • Hosting

    Hosting service provides the location for where you store all of your files and databases for your website. We use Amazon servers for reliability and maximum uptime. Hosting with fjorge allows faster access and turnaround time than hosting with another company, when fjorge is providing other services on your site.

  • Speed Boost

    Use of a redis server that caches websites more quickly to improve user experience when loading your site.

  • CMS Updates

    Content Management Systems update their core files on a regular basis to keep up with technological changes. When that happens your website will have security vulnerabilities that need to be addressed through proper updates. The fjorge process include testing before pushing the updates live.

  • Plugin Updates

    Websites have third party plugins for added functionality. When those third party developers release updates, it’s not automatically updated on your site. They need to be manually updated, but you’ll want help from a developer with this, as plugin updates introduce new code to your site, and can cause breakages. Not updating your plugins can also cause breakages or security vulnerabilities, so you do want them updated regularly. The fjorge process include testing before pushing the updates live.

  • File & Database Review

    Once routine core and plugin updates are completed, fjorge reviews the files and database regularly to ensure functionality and compatibility between your website and the updates.

  • File & Database Backups

    For sites hosted with fjorge, automated backups are performed so you’ll always have a reference point of your existing files and database in case of emergencies. If your site goes down, or experiences a compromise, we can quarantine your site and put up a backup version, so your website users won’t miss a beat.

  • Malware Checks

    Malware is any type of malicious code or program inserted into a site through security vulnerabilities. As part of fjorge’s regular CMS update process we perform security and malware scans to identify and mitigate potential risks.

  • Support

    fjorge CMS Managed Services clients have access to monthly retainer budgets dedicated for general support, training, bug fixes, improved functionality, analytics support, general client questions, and other requests. This feature of any Managed Service plan gives you piece of mind that the fjorge team is here to support your ongoing digital strategy.

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