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The Client

Bolin (Agency)

SOAR (End Client)

The Challenge

SOAR, a company that creates “high performing CBD-rich hemp products for the active & adventurous”, needed an eCommerce site for its product set to launch in summer 2020.  We teamed up with Bolin, a creative agency, to design and build an eCommerce site using Shopify. SOAR’s site had a fairly constricted budget so it had to fit within a Shopify theme but also needed the ability to grow in terms of functionality. Other considerations needed to keep in mind were having the site be accessibility compliant, as well as fall under CBD regulations. The timeline for this project was also fairly tight, giving Bolin and fjorge about two months to complete the site.

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The Solution

Working hand in hand, Bolin, and fjorge decided on a Shopify theme in order to not re-invent the wheel for the basic structure and layout of this e-commerce site. Bolin provided the designs, and fjorge custom-coded within the theme to incorporate additional functionality. This project relied on a lot of research into CBD regulations, as well as collaboration from our Solutions Architectures in the beginning. After two months, fjorge and Bolin were able to create a site for SOAR that met their budget, as well as key accessibility guidelines, and met CBD regulations throughout the site.

Features and Services:

  • Shopify eCommerce custom development within theme
  • Payment, shipping, subscription services compliant with CBD regulations
  • Solutions Architecture
  • Design+ UX Consultation

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