American Time

The Challenge

American Time, a team of clock experts, came to fjorge looking for trustworthy and experienced developers to take over management of their e-commerce website. Their primary issue was slow site speed which caused their site to go down every night. Our developers needed to identify the point of failure in order to stop the website from crashing. It was ultimately identified that sync jobs were being run which overloaded the server, causing the site to crash.

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The Solution

Through Managed Services architecture, we were able to solve the root issue at the server level. We did discovery about how American Time’s server and database shared resources which was causing too much activity on the server. After experimenting and troubleshooting in different phases, our developers eventually found the best solution was to clone and meld the database and server. Our developers identified the best solution out of several phases and saved a lot of time. We also learned about what would solve the problem, avoided going down the wrong path with a bandaid fix, and through the process were able to explain to the client more about their site. fjorge was also able to help American Time decide to rebuild and retire the current site based on their long term business goals.

Features & Services:

  • Managed Services
  • Systems Administration
  • Solutions Architecture


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