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We are driven to bring great web development and web design projects to life 

What sets fjorge apart from other development partners? We care about doing things right, great design, and exceeding your expectations. We deliver results.

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True Partnership

We get agencies. Our developers enjoy working with designers, using code to bring designs to life, and working to continually improve both the design and development process. We don’t just work with agencies, we become part of the same team.

Project Security

One of our greatest strengths is our agility. fjorge has over 60 highly skilled tech professionals who can lean on one another to get through project roadblocks or jump in when the unexpected occurs. You won’t get this type of project security with a freelancer.

Proven Process

Each project follows the same proven process, known as The fjorge Way, which creates consistency in our workflow with clear, frequent communication. Consistency is what keeps our projects on track, transparent, and reliable. Our process works with yours, not against it.

Our Promise

When you choose fjorge you’re getting so much more than the hours we estimate; you’re getting our commitment to get the job done right, and a lifetime partner for your upcoming projects. We succeed when you succeed.

fjorge can help agencies:

  • win more client work from RFPs
  • consult designers on responsive, dynamic designs
  • develop websites and applications
  • meet ADA/WCAG compliance and other industry standards
  • update and maintain any website or application

No challenge is too big.


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Our History

Our story started in 2004 as Barsness Solutions, LLC when Founder & CEO, Tim Barsness, was a freelance developer. He discovered a knack for working with marketing agencies, and over time the sole proprietorship grew to a team of digital experts. In 2014 the company officially became fjorge Digital, more commonly known simply as fjorge.

fjorge (n:) a mashup between fjord for its Norwegian ties to the Barsness family name, and forge for its ability to melt diverse elements together to create something entirely new.

Over the years, fjorge has become a haven for developers from all walks of life, varying passions and preferred coding languages. Together we learn, teach, and produce the best quality work for our equally passionate and diverse clients. We are a truly technology agnostic and inclusive tech company.

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About Our Team

Get to know the newest members of your project team! Every project, no matter how large or small, comes with an Account Manager, Interactive Project Manager, and as many developers as it takes to get the job done! Work with fjorge for long enough… and you’ll get to know us all.

Meet Our Team
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About Our Careers

Ready to experience a job like no other? Our team is growing, and we’re looking for teammates who are impassioned to solve our clients’ digital needs. We offer a fun environment with diverse projects, a growing range of benefits, and professional development opportunities.

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Our Promise

When you choose fjorge you’re getting so much more than the hours we put in, you’re getting our commitment to get the job done right, and lifetime partner on your next projects!